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Queensland is leading the way globally in vestibular care, all from the small but mighty team at Metro South Hospital and Health Service’s Complex Vestibular Service. Based within Logan Hospital’s Integrated Ear Nose and Throat Service, it combines three different allied health led models to provide holistic care for their consumers.

Dizziness and balance disorders account for roughly four per cent of presentations to Emergency Departments (EDs) in Queensland public hospitals. Seeing a gap in the care provided to people living in rural and remote Queensland, Service Director Associate Professor Bernard Whitfield and Consultant Vestibular Physiotherapist Leia Barnes invented Dial-a-Dizzy.

This telehealth model provides support to rural and remote EDs, diagnosing the cause of the dizziness or vertigo and putting patients on the most appropriate care pathway. Not only is it expediting treatment, but it is also reducing unnecessary medevacs to tertiary centres.

The broader service also includes two innovative pieces of technology—an immersive virtual reality balance assessor and a multiaxial rotational chair—to provide end-to-end care for their consumers and alleviate their symptoms.

The only virtual reality assessor in a public hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, the assessment not only pinpoints the bodily systems causing the dizziness but improves treatment for patients. While the chair can usually cure BPPV, or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, in just one treatment.

It is three models and two pieces of technology that lead to one pioneering service!



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