Telecardiac Investigations

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Rural and remote communities, in many ways, are the heart of Queensland. Without the hard-working people living in these communities, our agriculture industry wouldn’t exist and supermarkets would be devoid of fresh meat and produce.

With the tyranny of distance, health services are finding innovative ways to ensure that these communities receive equal care to those living in metropolitan areas. And receive it in ways that suit their needs.

Supported by Clinical Excellence Queensland, Metro North Hospital and Health Service’s Tele-Cardiac Investigations team have been working tirelessly to improve access to investigative services in rural sites across the state.

Rather than having to delay life-changing investigative procedures like exercise stress testing and halter monitoring, the power of telehealth and some very dedicated clinicians is ensuring these communities receive timely access to care.

And keeping the heart of Queensland beating.

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Listen to our podcast on the Metro North Hospital and Health Service’s Tele-Cardiac Investigations team.

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Improvement Exchange

Visit the Telecardiac Investigations page on the improvement exchange to learn more about setting up the service.

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Telehealth services

Learn more about Queensland’s telehealth program which enables patients to receive quality care closer to home via telecommunication technology.

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Metro North HHS

Metro North HHS

Visit the Metro North HHS website to learn more about the achievements of RBWH tele-cardiac investigation program.

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