Way Forward Program

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The power of data within the healthcare system is limitless. It helps us inform what services are required, where care should be provided and areas that need additional investment.

Noticing a gap in the way their work was captured in the Consumer Integrated Mental Health and Addiction (CIMHA) application, Metro South Hospital and Health Service’s Way Forward team worked closely with their information system manager to better describe what they do and enrich the data.

And in the process, drastically improved the care they were providing.

The Way Forward team provide culturally secure mental health and addiction services to the First Nations community across the entire health service. Combining best practice care and acknowledging the cultural rights and values of the community, they support their consumers to access care and psychosocial supports, in addition to fostering connection within the community.

While the breadth of their work could only be recorded in CIMHA as ‘cultural support’, by enabling the system to capture more detail, they now have a clearer picture of the work they do. Helping them to better advocate for more resources and support within the system and tailoring their services to the most at-risk areas.

And that is just the beginning.



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