Accelerated Chest pain Risk Evaluation (ACRE)

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Coronary heart disease continues to be the leading health disease in Australia. With the innovative research from Metro North Hospital and Health Service’s Professor Louise Cullen and the Statewide Accelerated Chest pain Risk Evaluation (ACRE) project team, Deane was avoided being one of those statistics.

Deane and his wife retired to a large property on the outskirts of Rockhampton in 2014, with his days spent maintaining the yard and tending to their beloved animals. From time to time, he experienced chest pain but always put it down to a hernia.

That is until one day when the pain didn’t go away and he presented to the Emergency Department (ED).

In partnership with the Telecardiac Investigations program, the ACRE team worked with local change agents at Rockhampton Hospital to implement local care pathways to identify people presenting to the ED that are potentially having a heart attack and provide timely follow-up investigative services.

Something that helps regional patients access the same level as care as their metropolitan neighbours and most importantly, saves countless lives just like Deane’s.



Listen to how we partner with local health services to implement care pathways to rapidly identify those patients presenting with chest pain.

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