Dementia, Ageing and Frailty

The Queensland Dementia, Ageing and Frailty Clinical Network provides clinical leadership and advocacy at a strategic level to improve the care provided for older persons and persons with dementia. The Network acts in partnership with hospital and health services, primary care, community stakeholders and the Department of Health for the planning and delivery of high-quality health services for older persons and persons with dementia across the continuum of care.

Membership of the Queensland Dementia, Ageing and Frailty Clinical Network is open to all Queensland Health clinicians and stakeholders with an interest in the provision of care for older persons and persons with dementia. As of 2022, the Network has close to 500 members.

The network steering committee meets six times per year and is comprised of Queensland Health Geriatricians, Emergency Specialists, nurses, and allied health clinicians representing all regions of the State. The steering committee also includes consumer and primary care representation.

The network is led by:

  • Chair Dr Lisa Kelly, Staff Specialist, Geriatric Medicine at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Metro South Hospital and Health Service
  • Deputy Chair Dr Christine Fawcett, Staff Specialist, Geriatrician, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services
  • Deputy Chair Dr Stella Lin, Staff Specialist, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Metro North Hospital and Health Service
  • Deputy Chair Dr Aisling Fleury, Geriatrician, Peri-operative Medicine, Division of Surgery, Metro South Hospital and Health Service

Current priorities

  • Non-hospital models of care for the older persons and people with dementia
  • Access to integrated, multidisciplinary, dementia diagnostic and support services
  • Equity of health service access and equity of health outcomes for First Nations elders and First Nations persons with dementia
  • Strategic clinical input in the planning and implementation of recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety


Cancer and the Older Person masterclass

The Masterclass: Cancer and the Older Person was held on 22 June 2023 with a case study being presented followed by four presentations and then a panel discussion. It was very well-received and attended by clinicians.

Hear from four fabulous speakers who address:

  • caring for older persons with unique psychological, physical and social needs and how the current nurse-led model of care in geriatric oncology at Princess Alexandra Hospital was implemented
  • the difference between frailty, long term disability and long term co-morbid conditions
  • understanding the impact of frailty on patients particularly with oncological treatment-related outcomes
  • the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for older patients with cancer
  • defining frailty, frailty outcomes and frailty interventions for older persons with cancer
  • managing and mitigating frailty
  • benefits of assessing frailty/ geriatric deficiency

Video contents and timestamps:

  • Case study part 1 - 03:05
  • Dr Iain Borthwick - practical management of Geriatric Syndromes and vulnerabilities of older patients with cancer - 07:00
  • Dr James Fletcher - Understanding frailty in older adults with cancer - 22:09
  • Dr Darshit Thaker - How to assess Frailty: screening and comprehensive geriatric assessment - 43:10
  • Ms Robyn Berry - Caring of older patients with cancer with unique psychological, social and physical needs 1:07:31
  • Case study part 2 - 1:32:28
  • Panel Discussion - 1:40:58

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